Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India (Updated 2020)

Roughly 60% of human body contains of water and if the water is not purified then this will give the birth to many diseases.

Here is the solution with top 10 best water purifier in india 2020.

RO water purifiers are a great choice for almost all Indian homes. RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers are so popular in India that the term ‘RO’ has become synonymous with ‘water purifiers’.

RO water purifiers, in combination with technologies like UV, UF, and MF, remove almost all commonly found impurities like mud, sand, dust, bacteria, virus, cysts, and excess dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorides, and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, fluoride, etc.

Buying a new water purifier for your home has to be a well thought out decision as your entire family’s health depends on drinking pure water.

You can easily buy a RO water purifier online or from your nearest home & kitchen appliances store. But buying the right one is often not that easy.

Just the buying guide below.

Now We take a close look on the best water purifier for home available in our Country.

KENT New Grand 8-Litres RO Water Purifier

KENT Grand

 This is ranked in top water purifier in India. 

Moreover, it comes with the latest technology Drink Pure Water with Essential Minerals KENT is the one of the leading and reliable water purifier brands in India. Trusted by millions of customers.

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  • Good Storage Capacity
  • Over 50% water recovery
  • Stores waste water in a separate tank
  • TDS Controller
  • Filter change alert & UV fail alarm
  • Suitable for water from all sources
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years free service
  • Maintaining Cost is also high as compare to other purifiers.

KENT Technology

KENT Technology is the Fountain Head for various innovations and initiatives at KENT. The unique advantages like Zero Water Wastage.

Mineral ROTM Technology

KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM Technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water with the help of a TDS Controller, thereby providing pure and tasty drinking water.

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Eureka Forbes Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Today Eureka Forbes is one of the most trusted brands in India’s water purifier industry.

  • 7 liters storage capacity.
  • RO+UV purification technology.
  • MTDS controller.
  • Smart energy-saving mode.
  • Capable of purifying all types of input water.

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  • RO + UV technology remove all kinds of impurities such as bacteria, viruses, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides, etc.
  • Suitable for all type of input water such as municipal supplies, taps, bore well, etc.
  • MTDS technology restores essential natural minerals of the water.
  • Smart LED Indicators.
  • Energy-saving function.
  • 7-litre storage capacity.
  • Its installing process is a bit task it needs lot of time to install it correctly

Notably, due to the combined RO and UV technology, it is suitable for all type of input water such as municipal supplies, taps, bore well and tanker.

One of the most advanced features of this product is the Smart LED Indicators. Through different color indicators, this purifier alerts you to various situations such as tank full, low incoming water pressure, no water supply, error with the machine, etc.

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes was born in 1982 with the vision of bringing happy, healthy, safe and pollution-free living to customers through lasting relationships as ‘Friends for Life’.

  • Capacity of 6 liters
  • RO + UV purification technology
  • Energy saving mode
  • MTDS controller
  •  Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic

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  • Excellent design
  • Six-stage purification process
  • MTDS to restore the taste of water
  • Very much easy to install
  • It wastes lot of water as other water purifiers do

 This water purification system comes with a six-stage water purifying technology that includes

  • Pre-filter to remove large impurities
  • Chemni Block with a built-in particle trap filter to eliminate bad odor and dissolved organic contaminants
  • Membrane Life Enhancer prevents scaling of dissolved salts like magnesium and calcium.
  • RO Membrane to eliminate TDS, the hardness of water, and remove heavy metals like arsenic and lead

The 7-liter storage should suffice an average Indian family of three to four persons.

The RO cartridge comes with a long life of 6000 liters of purification. The presence of the TDS regulator ensures the replenishing of essential minerals that you usually lose during the RO purification process. Hence, you get 100% tasty water to drink all the time.

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AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Water Purifier

Z9 Water Purifier

 The Z9 model “recovers the highest amount of water as compared to other water purifiers in India.  It Offers 10 litres of Capacity and more key features are discuss in the following key list.

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  • Capacity of 10 liters
  • RO purification with mineralize facility
  • Can be used for TDS up to 2000ppm
  • Hot water at the press of a button
  • Food-grade plastic storage tank
  • One-year warranty
  • Service Cost is little bit expensive as compare to others.

8 Stage Purification

 Water passes through 8Stage process: Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon block + ART (Advance Recovery Technology™) + Patented Side Stream RO Membrane + MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology) + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC + SCMT).

100% of the water passes through the RO Membrane and Double Purified by SCMT.

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KENT Grand 8-Litres Water Purifier

Kent is one of the most preferred water purifier brands of Indian consumers. The brand comes once again to the list of best water purifiers in India with Kent Pearl 8 little mineral RO + UV + UF water purifier.

  • Double purification of RO+ UV+UF.
  • TDS controller along with Kent’s patented Mineral ROTM technology.
  • Eight litres of storage tank capacity.
  • Capable of purifying both municipal water or groundwater supplies.

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  • RO + UV + UF multi-stage purification technology.
  • Removes all kinds of contaminants such as harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Capable of purifying water from different sources such as municipal supply, tap water, etc.
  • TDS controller along with Mineral RO technology.
  • 8-litre large storage tank.
  • It wastes lot of water while purifying the drinking water.

No matter what kind of contaminants you have in your drinking water, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Another essential feature of this product is the smart alarm system.

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HUL Pureit Mineral RO + UV + MF 10 litres Water Purifier

Pureit is a trendy name in India’s water purifier market. According to our experts, the Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF is one of the best water purifiers in India right now.

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  • 7 Stages purification with RO+UV+MF technology.
  • TDS Modulator to enhance the taste of the water.
  • Capable of purifying all types of input water.
  • Advanced alert system.
  • Very reasonable price
  • Mostly available on E kart services
  • 10 litres storage capacity.
  • 7 stages purification of RO+UV+MF technology.
  • Advanced alert function.
  • Capable of purifying all types of source water

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Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells is a reputed name in the water purifier market with some of its models being the favorite of homemakers all over India. This water purifier comes with excellent features.

Havells best water purifier in India RO

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  • 7-stage water purification including RO and UV
  • Excellent looks and performance
  • Provides alkaline and great tasting water
  • Requires changing of filters once in two years
  • 100% RO and UV purification
  • 7-stage purification process
  • Minerals technology to correct pH value
  • Revitalize to improve hydration
  • Adequate capacity to cater to Indian families
  • One-year warranty

Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet purification are the best processes available today to purify water in India.

This water purifier features both these systems. Hence, you get clean and purified water every time you use this appliance. This system comes with a seven-stage water purification process.

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HUL Pureit Mineral RO + UV + MF 8 litres Water Purifier

More and more brands are now focusing on the goodness of Copper in the drinking water.

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  • 7-stage RO+UV+MF purification
  • High-end design
  • Large storage tank and high purification capacity
  • Alert for filter change
  • Purified water with goodness of Copper
  • Dual water dispensing
  • Soft-touch buttons for dispensing water
  • High price
  • Comparatively higher maintenance cost

HUL Pureit water purifiers recently launched Copper+ Mineral RO, a RO water purifier that adds the goodness of copper in purified water.

Pureit Copper+ RO is an advanced 7-stage RO+UV+MF water purifier. This RO purifier features a unique Copper Charge Technology™ that enriches your purified water with Copper in real-time.

Key Features

  • Purified water with goodness of copper
  • 7 Stage RO+UV+MF purification: Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Mesh Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV Reactor, Post-RO Carbon Filter, and Micro Filter Membrane.
  • 8 litres storage tanks
  • Purification capacity of up to 28 litres/hour
  • Purifies water with high TDS up to 2000 mg/l or ppm
  • LED indicators for storage tank empty/full, filter change, and machine error
  • Soft-touch buttons for dispensing Copper Charged RO water and normal RO water
  • 1-year warranty

Some more important things about the purifier.

The reason why we love Pureit Copper+ RO is, it gives you an option to dispense purified water with or without Copper.

The purifier features 2 soft-touch buttons: one for dispensing Copper Charged RO water and the other for dispensing normal RO water.

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LG Puricare RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

LG stands at the top of all consumer durable items in India. Whenever you talk of consumer appliances in India, the name LG does ring a bell.

LG manufactures some excellent water purifier models as well.

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  • High level of sterilization.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Stainless steel tank to prevent the growth of algae.
  • Repair and maintenance cost are a factor.
  • It needs large space for the set up.

Key Features of the LG Puricare WW140NP RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, Black

  • 8-liter capacity
  • Dual Protection Steel tank
  • RO, UV, and UF Filtration
  • Mineral Booster
  • Digital Sterilizing care

The highlight of this water purifier is thestainless-steel tank used instead of the food-grade plastic ones you see in almost all water purifier models. The digital sterilizing technology in use is also the first in the industry.

An additional valve on the side of the appliance enables you to wash fruits and vegetables with sterilized water directly into the sink.

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Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT Mineral Water Purifier

With Faber Galaxy Plus, you get highly purified drinking water with 8 stages of purification.

best water purifier in India FABER

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  • 8-stage purification with RO+UV+UF+MAT
  • 9-litres storage tank
  • Adds back essential minerals
  • Free external sediment filter
  • No alert/indicator for filter change
  • No other color option apart from black

The 8 stages of purification are – External Sediment Filter (20 microns), Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter (5 microns), RO Membrane, Post Carbon Filter/MAT Filter, UF Membrane, and UV Filter.

Faber Galaxy Plus comes with a freeexternal sediment filter also known as an external pre-filter. This means an extra saving of around Rs. 500 – 750.

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Buying Guide For Best Water Purifier in India

Firstly the most basic question which arise in our mind that who need the water purifier where it actually needed because some places where the surroundings are very clear.

They do not need any such kind of water purifier because the natural water is sufficient to satisfy their needs because it keeps all the important minerals and vitamins.

But due to pollution it is seen in very rare cases. So the water purification is measured by a very simple technique it is called the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter which calculate the water TDS level.

According to the doctors till 300 TDS level a person can drink that water because it had all that mineral and important substance which helps in to boost the immunity.

Whereas above 300 TDS water level marked as not good for the health because it is difficult for the human body to consumer such a hard water.

Which later can result in inviting diseases.  Bureau of Indian Standard also set a standard of 300 TDS to drink water.

TDS levels

The normal acceptable TDS levels are as follows.

  • Below 300 – Considered to be excellent
  • In the range 300 to 600 – Good for human consumption
  • Above 600 but below 900 – Fair and acceptable
  • Between 900 and 1200 – Poor levels of TDS
  • Above 1200 – Unacceptable and unfit for drinking purposes

Types of technology

Membrane Filters

Membrane Filters are the simplest form of filters available in the market. In the olden days, people did not have access to much technology.

They used simple white pieces of cloth to trap the dirt and suspended particles and obtain clear water.

This is the inspiration behind these simple membrane filters.

You have these small contraptions that you attach to the tap and have access to filtered water straightaway.

These contraptions contain a tiny wire mesh that is capable of trapping the sediments and other insoluble particles.

These filters are used in areas where you expect the least water pollution such as the hilly areas near the sources of rivers.

You get pure water directly from the rivers that flow past the areas, but there are chances of suspended organic and inorganic impurities.

These wires mesh can help in eliminating such impurities.

Gravity Based Water Purifiers

The faucet mounted water purifiers are one of the most convenient water purifiers available in the market today.

They usually comprise of a sediment and activated carbon filter that can cater to the purification of water with lower levels of TDS.

The gravity-based water purifier is an advanced version of the faucet mounted water purifier.

The advantage of having such a water filter is that it has a storage tank capable of storing enough water for the entire family.

The gravity-based water purifiers available in the market today comprise of two separate tanks, one for the input water and the other for the output water/storage.

These filters work best in areas where there is a low level of bacterial contamination.

Similarly, these filters are not suitable for areas having water with high level of TDS.

RO+UV+UF water purifiers

Reverse Osmosis is one of the best water purification techniques today. This technique can eliminate TDS up to 90%.

These filters are capable of removing pesticide residue and heavy metal impurities like arsenic, iron, mercury, and lead.

They are also capable of destroying bacteria and viruses. These RO filters usually are complemented by UV compartments and UF membranes.

They assist in eliminating these bacteria and other microorganisms completely. We shall discuss the various aspects of the RO water purification process separately.

EAT Filters

The Electro Adsorption Technology (EAT) is another popular water purification technology.

This is equivalent to the RO process as far as quality of the output water is concerned.

However, this technology has an advantage over the RO process in the sense that it does not waste water.

But there is a drawback as well. This process works best only when the input water source has TDS content less than 500.

RO water purifiers can handle water with TDS levels as high as 2000.

Some more detail about different level of TDS

TDS Input sourceLevel of waterIs the water muddyIs there a presence of biological impurities?An ideal choice of water purifier
Below ppm300  NoNoGravity-based purifiers and faucet mounted water filters are the best suited for such water  
Below ppm300NoYesThe Ultraviolet filtration is the best solution under such circumstances as it can eliminate the bacteria and other microorganisms  
Below ppm300YesNoIn the absence of TDS and biological impurities, you can opt for a UF filter to take care of the minute soil impurities  
Below ppm300YesYesThe best machines are the UV + UF or the EAT machines  
Over ppm300NoNoAs the TDS levels are above 300 ppm, you should be using the RO water purifiers  
Over ppm300NoYesThe ideal machines are the combination of RO and UV  
Over ppm300YesNoThe RO + UF combination should work fine because of the absence of biological impurities. To be safe, you can also opt for the RO + UV + UF water filters  
Over ppm300YesYesInvariably, you should for RO + UV + UF water purifiers.  

The Other important thing to check while buying the water purifying is whether the water purifying is using UV technology (ultra violet) or using RO (Reverse Osmosis) or UF Ultra Filtration technology.

First, we talk about the RO technology which is very popular in nowadays.

This technology using very small hole in its filter and a pressure pump which help to through the water from one end to another in between the hole do its work by removing unwanted dirt particles and other bacteria & viruses.

The hole size is only 0.0001 micro.

Auto Clean

Auto clean is one of the best features in the modern Water Purifiers. These filters are much more effective to use.

It cleans itself whenever there is a large amount of dirt particle in the filter tubes and as well in the water storage tank.

 This works better as this increase and maintains the caution power of the Water purifier.

You do not need to clean the water purifier. Just fit it once and relax. It saves time and effort also.

Moreover, it gives different indication and display its service remainder so that the consumer easily understands the actual issue in it. And call the service Centre to clean it for the flawless experience.


There is a motor inside the water purifier which is responsible for the cleaning of the water.

This motor has to work long. There are more chances that the motor starts making noise after heavy work.

Also, the water which enters the filter tubes while circulation can be also one of the reasons for this.

Sometimes You will feel irritated and stressed working in a noisy area. This is also not good for personal health.

That is why you must keep noise as one of the factors before buying the water purifying for yourself.


Maintaining and cleaning the water purifier is also important if the water purifier does not have an auto cleaning feature.

You must clean the filter so that it keeps working properly and does not lose its effectiveness to clean the water.

As the main work of the water purifier is to remove the virus and bacteria of the water. There are greater chances that the filter will get dirty.


Reputation and the manufacture warranty are an important factor to check. This ensures the quality of the product.

And make us confirm that this product is right now for a long time. This is important. Most of us are attracted to the branded and reputed brands which are good.

You will easily get a 1 to 2-year warranty on the product and you can make repairs to your water purifier free of cost (in case there is a problem).

But there is not much chance that the product will have trouble because it has been brought from a reputable brand.


The price and the cost of the product depending on the functionality, the feature they provide.

They can be as cheap as RS 6000 and expensive as 1 lakh. The major e-commerce selling brands are Amazon, Flipkart, and they provide the best deal.

After Sale Service

The last but not the least one of the most important point after sale service of the water purifier is plays an important role.

If a customer purchase a well-established branded water purifier, he gets better service as compare to any other local manufacturing product.

Adding more some of the branded companies give home services for the convenient of customer which become a very positive point

Some Advance features in the Modern Water Purifiers.

  • Self-cleaning function
  • Press one Button Hot water.
  • Control drinking water temperature according to the weather
  • The size and compatibility of the water purifiers became very compact and modern which suits the modern kitchen.
  • Display different modes and indicating of power, energy saving, and as well as service remainder

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Personal Suggestions

There are plethora’s of water purifier available in our country. And every day it enhances the technology to set a new standard of quality.

But choice is different according to the customer requirement. Some of the customer uses very reasonable cost water purifier due to their cost limitation or any other circumstance.

On the other hand some buyers use only high quality and expensive products due to their want or hygiene.

So it is totally depend upon the buyers even though mid class family also have different buying techniques such as they purchase item according to their usage like a family of 6 members do not purchase a 5 to 6 liters capacity they required more storage as against the 3 member easily manage with this water storage.

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